I have been contacted by a production company who want a puppy to appear in a Christmas video they may be attending the class this Sunday or people interested can read below and send pictures to the email mentioned.

Below is the email

Hi Roland,

We are filming a Christmas Video for a cleaning company called 
VIROBI - http://www.virobi.it/ 
To answer your question, we are working with an italian company called 
Mosaicoon - http://www.mosaicoon.com/
We are looking for a poppy dog to populate a Christmas scene that involves other actors and and a young kid.
The Poppy dog we are looking for would ideally be of a light colour with good character but we are open to other suggestions as well.
The poppy would't be required to do much at all, just sitting by a Christmas tree along with a lovely 5.6 year old kid :)
We pay a fee of a £100 for the day and we kindly require the owner or the guardian of the dog to be on set on the 20th of Nov. 
Jabril Muse - www.jabrilmuse.com the Director of the video is also copied in the email.
Please find the Notes on the video attached to this email for your considerations.
Please feel free to forward this email along with my contact number and we hope to receive pictures and phone calls fro m puppy owners soon :) 

Best Regards,
Valentina Rizzuto
Film Editor&Production Manager
UK +44 7446 044 377+44 7446 044 377