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Hello, this is my website and business. If you liked the website or if you have attended our classes or had a home visit, please post your comments so others can see what you thought of our services. Thank you in advance for your help!



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  • Emma

    We recently attended the five week puppy training classes at the scout hut with our very excitable Lab. She really enjoyed meeting other puppies and did very well in the classes, with excellent recall, even when tempted by treats, children and footballs! We were able to carry on with the training at home, and Roland offered advice and tips for any problems we had. I would definitely recommend these classes for you and your puppy.

  • Mary

    Went along for a sneak preview before signing up to Roland's classes. I was very impressed with the training given for different outside dog scenarios, particularly the recall. So important, nowadays. Well controlled class. So will be signing up for the next puppy classes with Roland.

  • Ash vs Shiba Inu!

    Roland knows his stuff! He's helped us build better habits with our Shiba Inu pup. We had heard a lot about the breed's stubborn and independent traits and weren't disappointed, so enlisted the help of Roland to help get us onto the right track early on, and thats exactly what he did. Roland very simply and succinctly helped us adjust so that our little pup can now play happily off the lead and come when called! We have a long way to go yet, but we can feel assured that we are doing the right things and can afford to feel that much more confident and relaxed in the way that we're helping our pup settle in. Thanks a lot Roland! We will no doubt be checking in with you throughout our journey with this little one!

  • Chris

    Roland's classes are very good. I previously had a Boxer, who I trained elsewhere, and whilst he could sit, roll over, and weave between cones, his recall and heeling were not good at all, and I really struggled to put their methods on these things into action. It was also all done in a hall, and not in the "real world". I now have a Bullmastiff puppy, and tried Roland's classes instead. The emphasis is on the really important stuff - recall, heeling, not allowing obnoxious behaviour. In short, the things that you must get right if you have a large dog (any dog, really), and which can be hard to train. The clicker training for heeling has worked very well, and I can now even (mostly!) recall my Bullmastiff using a whistle and on verbal command, through distractions. Of course, you must keep working on things (my dog loves playing with other dogs), but I would throughly recommend Roland's training as very good "real world" training. In the later classes, it is done outside in the real world. This is exactly right in my opinion, as this is where you ultimately need to handle your dog.

  • Amy McCay

    I took my Border Collie along to Roland's 5 week puppy course. We learnt so much and also our dog Marco changed so much through the techniques taught to us.
    Roland is highly knowledgeable and made the classes really interesting.
    I would highly recommend this course to anyone no matter how much dog/puppy experience you have.


    Freddie (Mini Dachshund) is my first dog and thank the Lord for Roland's classes. We have both learnt so much. Everything from recall, sitting, walking alongside....too many things to name. Even recommendations on feeding which have really improved Freddie's diet. Thank you so much Roland. I would highly recommend these classes.

  • Davina

    We went on the 5 week puppy training course, and Roland gave us lots of tips for training, particularly recall. He is also always able to suggest a solution when new training problems arise with our puppy. Would really recommend his puppy classes!

  • Felicity

    After just a 2 hour training session our 9 week old labradoodle puppy's behaviour is amazing. He knows his boundaries and is amazing off the lead. A problem with early waking was also resolved immediately after a 5 minute telephone conversation. Highly recommend!

  • Mr Fara

    I just want to say thankyou for your advice, and tell you how wonderful walk i've just had in our local park with Nuxli for a long time!

  • Mrs Jacobs

    Just finished the 5 week basic puppy course and we have a totally different dog thank you Roland and thank you for making it so much fun xx we are looking forwards to the outside one now.

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